Aryan Skynet

Sean Connery in Zardoz Sean Connery in Zardoz

Was Cain, in addition to inventing murder, the progenitor of civilization and of nationalism as well? If so, his vilification in Judeo-derived traditions should come as no surprise, nationalism being forever the bane of supremacist Jewry in its historical inter- and anti-national enterprise. French New Right intellectual Alain de Benoist, in his metaphysical study On Being a Pagan, indeed makes the case for Cain as humanity’s Faustian benefactor and the world’s ur-nationalist.

Cain can be argued to have an affinity with the pagan worldview through his close relationship with the earth. A principal difference between pagan and monotheistic man, Benoist explains, is the attitude toward the land he occupies.

Eretz-Israel was a gift land, attributed and promised by Yahweh. Pagan man feels the place of his birth through its relation to his ancestral lineage. He has a “mother-country.” In biblical monotheism, to the contrary, there…

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