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Germanicus Manson, I mean Fink Germanicus Manson, I mean Fink

Germanicus Fink, known variously as Rollingwriter, Squidfoot, Weedwacker, and other handles, maintains the racialist news, humor, and history aggregation site Murder by Media and has also kept the eclectic and comparatively frivolous assemblages of weirdness and occasional autobiography to be found at Technicolor Phantoms, Germy’s Far Out Freaky Blog, and presently Mr. Weedwacker. A colorful son of California, Fink is an accomplished graphic artist. He is also a white nationalist. Here he speaks with Aryan Skynet about his life, views, art, and online activities.

RCvC: When were you born?

FINK: I was born, damn, you’re going to think I’m a fossil, back in 1964, April 1st. My grandfather assured me it was a miserable, rainy Wednesday evening when I made my debut. It was a good year, it was the last year they actually used silver in making coins.

FinkBoyBurbank Bob’s Big Boy…

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