Clytemnestra redefines “skin in the game” for politicians.

Aryan Skynet

 Yes, it is better to go with a White candidate that looks like you than a Person of Color, but it is more important for Pro-Whites to gauge whether that White candidate “walks the walk” than just pick the most “conservative” sounding White guy. Before pulling that, the Pro-White needs to do all diligence and take a closer look at his family composition to determine whether or not he may have divided loyalties that would make him ultimately betray his White constituency.

  Esther Denounces Haman To Ahaseurus

 A great cautionary tale about a White leader with divided family loyalties is in the Bible.  It’s called The Book of Esther.  It’s where a Persian king elevated a Jewess planted in his harem to be his Queen and ultimately signed off on the deaths of 75,000 innocent subjects in order to purge any factions perceived as her uncle’s…

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