Holding out for a hero . . .

Aryan Skynet

Viking Valhalla, I am coming!

Much as the Marxist government-entertainment matrix would like to see white women pining after Danny Trejo (oh, but to feel the scabrous abrasion of his battle-cratered cheek!) or the celebrated Old Spice deodorized congoid (“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”), ladies continue to want what they want. What, precisely, do white women want when they visualize their ideal man? Which fantasies, when in the mood for romance, do they most like to indulge? If women’s popular reading habits are any indication, their sexuality is decidedly white – radically so in consideration of the perennial popularity of historical settings for love stories and erotica.

Gentle RogueTo Wed a Wicked HighlanderChampion

Historical romance represents the ultimate racial escapism. A woman curling up with a book that has “rake”, “rogue”, or “pirate” in the title is able, if only for a while, to live in a world that is totally free of…

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