Thrasymachus returns to Aryan Skynet to discuss a counterproductive paradigm.

Aryan Skynet

Hipster Racist’s disillusionment with WN sites comes from the model that most of these sites follow, which is the model of mass politics.

As I have written, mass politics is a system that was promoted by progressives starting hundreds of years past. Like all things progressive, it’s so ingrained on our consciousness as to seem to be an unquestionable given. Change comes through opinion journalism, political organizing, rallies and public events, culminating in elections that bring new people into government who change things.

This was great for progressives until after World War I, when some people decided they didn’t like Change and wanted to Change Back. This led to movements ranging from the National Socialist German Worker’s Party to America First. Progressives were not amused, and rearranged things so that mass politics, their invention and tool, could not be turned against them. They got the mass media in hand, along…

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