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Aryan Skynet

So I’m reading my usual White Nationalist blogs, Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer, Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal, Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents, and Colin Liddel’s Alternative Right, when I decide to check the statistics and incoming links for Aryan Skynet. Seeing traffic coming from reddit, I click over and find myself eventually browsing the /r/conspiracy section when I stumble across a “crowd sourced” piece by investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed titled “How the CIA Made Google.”

Immediately, I became enlightened.

Aryan SkynetIn the White Nationalist blogosphere, Greg Johnson is musing on Robert Assman’s “Moses the Egyptian,” about the probable origins of the Jewish religion as an Egyptian heresy. Colin Liddel is podcasting his latest “Wank Session” about avoiding sex with women, various Christian commenters on TOO are arguing over Protestantism vs. Catholicism while “Fr. John+” (Friar John Plus?) – a self-styled “orthodox Christian priest” with no actual connection to any actually existing orthodox…

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