Welcome Don Logan to Aryan Skynet. This bloke’s first post is hard-hitting as hell.

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I'm Israel's bitch and so are you

Recently the neoreactionary web jester known as the Duck contributed a post to the popular PUA blog Chateau Heartiste. Duck commented on a video taken at a video game tournament, wherein a young Negro celebrated his gaming triumph in a particularly boisterous manner, in such a way that some crude racist stereotypes might have been confirmed for the knuckle-dragging contingent () who haven’t learned the lessons from boastful right-wing American radio hosts and their audience members that a “color blind” ethic in day-to-day life should always be adhered to (presumably even when set upon by a pack of Knockout Game contestants).

A fairly rotund woman, annoyed with the histrionics, attempted to physically sit the Negro down whereupon he uttered the now infamous phrase: “Who bitch this is?” Duck suggested that this response be memorialized as a rallying cry for those engaged in the fight to salvage American manhood from…

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