In this insightful article, Hipster Racist draws a useful parallel between reactions to the JFK assassination and the assault on Charlie Hebdo. Caution – you are about to enter a No “Islamo-Nazis” and No “Crisis Actors” Zone!

Aryan Skynet


In the wake of the JFK assassination, William Buckley interviewed the author of “Rush to Judgment,” a book that barely hinted at a “wider conspiracy.” Buckley was trying to paint the JFK “conspiracy theorists” as left wingers who couldn’t accept that their hero had been assassinated by a Communist sympathizer and not a right winger, and in order to appear even-handed, he acknowledged that conservatives were susceptible to a similar mindset. He said, “there are many on the right that won’t be happy unless it is shown that the Kremlin literally pushed a button and Oswald sprung into action, as if by remote control.” For Buckley, himself a CIA asset, the official story – that Oswald, a Communist sympathizer, assassinated a liberal JFK all by himself – was not only true, but useful. It proved the dangers of the “global communist conspiracy,” and that the liberal Democrats who were “soft…

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