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That white identitarianism as a worldview and as a cultural-political framework – formerly so generally understood and accepted so as not to require argument and articulation – has during the past century been so ghettoized and so vilified as to be perceived and abhorred as a sin in the civic religion of the West, is of course common knowledge. Where consensus is lacking among white nationalists is in the matter of how, precisely, this disarray came about, and what might be done to unite the race.

For Francis Parker Yockey, a racially, geographically, and culturally exclusive Christianity was the key to a European unification. “The first political expression of Europe,” he writes, “was in the Crusades, in which Europe was a power-unit, acting against the outer world in unitary self-assertion of its new-born soul.”1 Yockey further delineates what was called Christendom:

From its very birth-cry…

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