Hipster Racist leads readers into the hidden underworld of anti-racist crypto-racialist supremacy!

Aryan Skynet


Conservatives are not just 20 years behind liberals as many people in the Alt-right movement suggest. Conservatives actually believe in the shit that liberals push, while liberals generally don’t believe in the shit they themselves push. They’re liars and hypocrites.

I’ve seen this first hand. I’m in academia, and I can tell you that at least half of the professors pushing shit like “White privilege” know it’s bullshit and will tell you it’s bullshit after class ends. Look, liberals do tend to be smarter than conservatives as studies suggest. The only people who believe in racial equality I’ve met after the doors have closed and we’ve both been drinking (besides the fucking Swedish) are either hardcore neo-Marxists who use mental gymnastics to justify what their heroes Marx and Che believed about race, or dumb-as-nails Christian conservatives banging on about “No Greek or Jew”. I’m sure if you give Lindy West…

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