Aryan Skynet


Francis Parker Yockey is a somewhat problematic figure as viewed through the lens of white nationalism 2.0. He was an avowed imperialist and an admirer of the fascist leaders, whom he saw as working to realize their respective nations’ destinies to expel the non-European “Culture-disease” and renew the unity of what, before the advent of materialism, Jewish influence, and self-defeating ideology, had been the truly European world-historical manifestations of Christendom and world domination. At the distance of the half-century following his death, Yockey’s confidence in the continent’s inevitable recovery of its racial and spiritual identity and its mastery of the world seem foolishly cocksure.

Yockey remains worth reading for white nationalists today, however, and one aspect of his program retains and increases its value as the historically European regions of the world continue to go dark without resistance. He was far ahead of his time in dispensing with the internecine…

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