Support every creeping thing’s free speech rights, says Mindweapon.

Aryan Skynet

The ironically named Khadijah Lynch is getting lynch mobbed by Brandeis students.

As someone who has been the subject of online hate campaigns and calls for my life to be disrupted because of my views and my writings, I think it is important that we defend whomever is being bullied at the moment for expressing his or her opinions.

Khadijah Lynch allegedly expressed some sort of positive views towards the ambush killing of the two police officers in New York City.  A lot of black people are having positive reactions to cop assassinations.  This is reality; it’s not a reason to go single out some individual and try to ruin his or her life.

What’s happening to Khadijah Lynch happens to White Advocates all the time.  We express what millions of whites are thinking, but because we express it, we get punished.  Khadijah Lynch expressed the sentiment of her black…

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