Jew’s Analysis, in a typically eloquent and creative piece, explains why the Apocalypse is now and also pitches an idea for a crowd-stupefying reality show.

Jay's Analysis

My gang is very inclusive! My gang is very inclusive!

By: Jay

I grew up loving George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Mad Max series.  I think all of us, like rubber-neckers at an accident, have some inner fascination with the potential for a complete collapse and destruction of the existing order and the hope for something new, and often the human imagination projects such yearnings into art in a unique way.  The energy of revolutionary impulse, ever tied to this desire for radical change, has long been harnessed and utilized for subversive ends by historical power blocs, and in our day, the explosion of apocalypse-themed novels, films, graphic novels and art reflects this inner want, but the manipulation now functions on a much larger scale.  Arising from Cold War terrors of constant media-hyped threats of nuclear war, engineered apocalypticism was discovered to be a powerful tool of social engineering in psychological warfare.  What if, instead of actually destroying things on a mass scale, the…

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