Sharp piece from Hipster Racist on the Mindweapons legacy and the tasks of a realistic white nationalist movement. Plainclothesmen of the world, unite!

Aryan Skynet

AryanSkynet was started to preserve the community that formed around Mindweapon’s old blog, MindWeaponsInRagnarok. Due to his “outing” by the “anti-fa” he had to shut it down, and I was hoping that this blog could fill in as a sort of stop-gap, at least temporarily. I don’t think I have fulfilled that mission yet, but this article, or series of articles, is going to try to highlight, and continue, some of his main themes.

Two main themes of MindWeaponsInRagnarok were “White Nationalism 2.0” and the “Espionage Model.” MindWeapons has his own formulations of these concepts, but here are my personal interpretations.


White Nationalism 2.0 was mean to jettison the worst features of White Nationalism 1.0. White Nationalism 1.0 revolved around things like uniforms, mailing list organizations, heated political rhetoric, and a fetishization of past movements like German National Socialism, European Fascism, and Dixie nostalgia. Many of us believe…

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