Scumbag Chipotle founder Steve Ells bets it all on America’s demographic death.

Aryan Skynet


Wetbacks at Work

There are, admittedly, arguments that can be offered in Chipotle’s defense: its regionalized procurement of fresh produce; the commitment of franchise founder Steve Ells to sustainable farming techniques and “food with integrity”; and, last but certainly not least, the tastiness of the menu items. Weighed in the scales of race-consciousness, however, it must be said that the company constitutes a force of evil in America. But, while some have suggested boycotting the chain because of its stance toward open carry rights, a much more obvious and certainly less ridiculous reason to steer clear of the casa that Ells built will immediately present itself to the customer. Every time – every time – this writer has patronized a Chipotle Mexican Grill, the staff behind the counter and in the kitchen has consisted predominantly, if not completely, of Spanish-speaking Mestizos of questionable origin.

According to at least…

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