Taboo thoughts on Diane Keaton’s revelatory Unstrung Heroes.

Aryan Skynet

Unstrung Heroes poster

Unstrung Heroes (1995)

Michael Richards, while appearing as Cosmo Kramer on NBC’s “Must See TV” series Seinfeld (1989-1998), also had opportunities to play variations on Jerry’s hyper-eccentric neighbor in movies such as Problem Child (1990) and Trial and Error (1997). Of his 1990s side projects, the most noteworthy is probably Unstrung Heroes (1995), a quality family drama scripted by The Fisher King (1991) screenwriter Richard LaGravenese and directed by Diane Keaton, a woman with intimate knowledge of Jewish neurosis owing to her relationship with Woody Allen (real name Allan Konigsberg).

Set in the seemingly boundless promise of early 1960s America, Unstrung Heroes is the story of Steven Lidz (Nathan Watt), a Jewish boy whose idyllic life goes awry when his mother (Andie MacDowell) becomes terminally ill with cancer. Life with his loving but difficult father (John Turturro) becomes too much for Steven to handle as they idly wait for his…

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