Hipster Racist reprieves a circle jerk of condemned men.

Aryan Skynet

If the goal is the 14 Words – “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” – what are the non-goals?

Aside from MindWeapons and luminaries like Kevin MacDonald, the other poster that had perhaps the most significant impact on me intellectually went by the handle “Neo-Nietzsche.” He was once an actual Neo-Nazi, but had matured into a promoter of Nietzsche. One of the most intelligent online commenters I ever came across, he was a rabid opponent of “slave morality.” Anytime a Christian, or a conservative, would slip into slave morality he would immediately clarify the situation. One of his favorite lines was, “who do you want to sacrifice on your altar first?”


He was an implacable foe of what I would call “process-ism” and he called arguments over “form-of-government.” Many whites believe that some structural change, some change of rules, would prevent anti-whites…

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