Mindweapon on the Left’s inability to think through the ramifications of its demands, and how the Left has unleashed its hounds on itself.

Aryan Skynet

Give student loans the finger

Student loans provide an easy avenue for resistance. Not paying them would be like taking back the bailout money the government gave bankers and other financial criminals in 2009. The dollar amounts aren’t far off, and if American tax dollars can be used for a CEO’s bonus they can damn sure be used for education. It happens one way and not the other because the moneyed CEO can influence policy in a way ordinary Americans can’t. The balance of power can be shifted, but only by collective action. Nothing could send a stronger message than 40 million indebted graduates standing together in a boycott of student loan payments.

I agree completely! But as usual, liberals don’t think through the implications of what they propose. A student loan boycott would likely lead to less student lending, and then, massive cuts in higher education, and therefore cutting…

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