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Remember the Time

Do you dismember the time?

In May of this year, cultural critic and social justice warrior Ta-Nehesi Coates published a lengthy piece in The Atlantic, the title of which was “The Case for Reparations”, referring to what Coates argues is white Americans’ obligation to repay “compounding moral debts” to black descendants of slaves. Ironically, Coates has chosen to open this polemic with a quotation from Deuteronomy on the proper treatment of Hebrew bondmen.

The irony stems from the fact that African-Americans, in addition to being descended from antebellum chattel, are – as any student of Black History Month must observe – also descended from the pharaohs of ancient Egypt – evil, Muslim-begetting pharaohs who, as every good Christian Zionist knows, raised their pyramids to the sky with the labor of Jewish slaves – all of this notwithstanding the claims of noxious “archaeology”. In view of…

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