The “Whiteness Project” interviews a cross-section of typical Caucasians in Buffalo concerning their views on race. The documentarians should consider themselves fortunate that they didn’t pick my town and get an earful from Rainer Chlodwig von Cuck.

Aryan Skynet

Awesome LULZ! Unscripted White people automatically troll liberals without meaning to do so, because they haven’t had the expensive college indoctrination that liberals go through.

Learn to hate your race, and get 200,000 in debt to do so! What a deal college is!

But those who didn’t drink the Kool Aid and pay the 200k aren’t buying White Guilt for one split second! Good for them!

So . . . I clicked on Alex first. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Alex at the Whiteness Project

Alex feels kinship to Jews but not to Whites. Shhh, Alex, the ADL doesn’t want you spilling the beans! Oy vey, from the mouths of babes already!

Deanna — smiling at a black guy is not an invitation to follow me

You go girl!

Rob — I do feel a common bond with white people.

Good for you Rob! Shave that neck beard though.

Shorter Jason —…

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