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Dear White People: 3 Acts Of Casual Racism That You May Be Guilty Of Doing
Subscribe FreeBy Toni Matthews-El · 3 hours ago · 0 Comments

The harder you try to not be racist, the more racist you will be. You will inevitably have interactions with black people and perhaps other non-whites. Keep it business-like. Don’t let your hair down. Don’t share your feelings. That’s all for your own people.

I Have Black Friends

Sam White informs us of a minimum number of black friends one must have to avoid being racist.

For those wondering, there’s no minimum.

It is possible to have never seen a black person in your life and STILL know that certain attitudes and behaviors are inherently wrong!

This is why some people must stop using their so-called “black friends” as a buffer against being called out for racist behavior.

Having black friends, black significant others…

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