Halloween novelty songs deconstructed and rebuilt as robot soldiers in the war for future racist survival.

Aryan Skynet

Horror Hop

The golden period for the American novelty pop song coincided with rock ‘n’ roll’s childhood during the fifties and early sixties. Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash” is the most beloved of the many horror-themed songs to emerge from this period, but was hardly the first, as such recommendable CD compilations as Ace’s These Ghoulish Things and Buffalo Bop’s Horror Hop and Monster Bop will attest. Far from being merely quaint relics of a more innocent time in America’s life, however, these songs haunt the attentive listener with prescient revelations of western decline, conspiracy, demographic rot, and other oddness.

“The Monster” – Bobby Please and the Pleasers (1959)

In this song, an effeminate leftist social engineer is confronted by the rampaging freak of his own misguided creation. “No! No! Frankenstein!” he exclaims before the monster seizes him by the collar. “Why did I give him the strength of ten men?” whimpers…

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