Aryan Skynet

Thanks to Hipster Racist for inviting me to post here. For those of you not familiar with me, alias Steve Polychronopoulos, aka Thrasymachus, I blog about politics and culture at Deconstructing Leftism, and religion and culture at A Cry in the Dark.

Neo-reactionary intellectuals classify me as an “ethno-nationalist”, which is cool with me, or you might call me a nationalist or a fascist. In the 1950’s I would have just been a conservative, anti-communist Democrat, but the world has changed a lot, so that a respectable working man’s politics and culture are now a great evil. I personally prefer the term phalangist, after the Spanish nationalist party of the 1930’s. I can’t say I consider myself a “white” nationalist, because I regard most meaningful conflict as between groups of white people, divided partly by class and partly by ethnicity. One group has recruited non-Europeans as foot soldiers…

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