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Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

This reviewer remembers being deeply impressed and unsettled when he first watched Jacob’s Ladder on television as a youngster. Revisiting the movie at a distance of nearly a quarter of a century, however, he finds it alternately disturbing and unintentionally amusing. Written by Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost) and directed by Adrian Lyne (Flashdance), Jacob’s Ladder is the story of a Jewish Vietnam veteran, Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins), who finds his grip on reality loosened when he begins to be haunted by threatening demonic figures. Neither a proper horror film, nor sufficiently sane and earthbound to be merely a psychological drama, Jacob’s Ladder is best described as a Judaic phantasmagoria, and offers valuable insight into the Jews’ perceptions of themselves, the gentiles, and their shiksa women.

Recently divorced Jacob lives with his sultry shiksa lover, Jezzie (Elizabeth Pena), named for devious Phoenician hussy Jezebel…

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