“GetEven” aka Road to Revenge (1993) *****  Enigmatic renaissance man John De Hart, who wrote, produced, directed, and stars in “GetEven”, plays equally enigmatic renaissance man Rick Bode, a singer, thespian, martial artist, and ex-cop, in this immensely original and entertaining contribution to the Wings Hauser canon.  The latter costars as Bode’s fellow ex-cop and barfly Huck Finney, a complex, troubled soul going through some “growing pains” after a messy divorce.

Bode and Finney were kicked out of the LAPD after a crooked fellow officer, Normad (a humorously haggard William Smith), testified falsely against them.  Even worse, Normad is the head of a satanic cult and now also a judge, which places him in a powerful position to wreak havoc in the lives of Finney and Bode, whose girlfriend Cindy (Pamela Bryant) is on Normad’s hit list after leaving the devil cult.  Cobra-like, but cooler, Bode must rise to the occasion to save the only woman he has ever loved.

De Hart is oddly impassive and stony-eyed throughout and registers only a distant humanity even while spouting lines from Hamlet, telling a joke, singing a song, or making love in a bathtub.  As his fellow former disgraced brother behind the badge, however, Hauser as Finney is off the chain, the wild yang to Bode’s yin.  As a team the two are unbeatable, jogging laps around Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy for buddy action film entertainment value.  Mandatory viewing for fans of Smith or Hauser, “GetEven” is also sure to create in every viewer a new John De Hart admirer.

Action, melodrama, bared breasts, country music, and heaping helpings of odd dialogue and unusual confrontations blast this unique film into the stratosphere of B movie greatness.  See “GetEven” or die trying, men.