Nasty Girls (1983) *****  Director Henri Pachard (Ron Sullivan) delivers one of the funniest and most erotic features from the classic age of adult film in Nasty Girls, an ensemble comedy that follows the comings, goings, and climaxes of the denizens of a singles bar.  Kelly Nichols, R. Bolla, Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane, Joanna Storm, and Fred Lincoln are among the all-star cast and are all extremely memorable.  Reliably interesting screenwriter Rick Marx, who contributed to everything from Roommates (1981) to Tenement (1985), adds his characteristic humor.  The intriguingly quirky and average-looking Barbara Daniels is especially noteworthy in her final role as she drunkenly acquiesces in some welcome anal action.

She’s So Fine (1985) ****1/2  Henri Pachard directs Jerry Butler, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Taija Rae, and Joey Silvera in a story about the chaos that befalls a home leading up to Taija Rae’s wedding.  While waiting for the groom to arrive, Taija, her mother, and neighbors are invaded by a new wave group that includes punked out Sharon Mitchell, who seduces Butler in rather unusual fashion.  Full of weirdness and satisfied anticipation, She’s So Fine is special fun for fans of Pachard, Mitchell, Butler, and Silvera, who has an odd role as a pill-addled former athlete.