Mondo Mod (1967) ****  Neat time capsule in the mondo genre, with a mixture of authentic and staged footage from the youth scene on the Sunset Strip mingled with material on motorcycles, go karts, surfing, and karate exercises, apparently in an attempt to pass all of this off as constituting one big, all-encompassing middle finger to the Man.  Mondo Mod actually has quite a pedigree behind the camera, with cinematography from Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs, and second unit direction by Jack Starrett, who would go on to direct Cleopatra Jones and Race with the Devil.  Also a great theme song courtesy of the Gretschmen.

The Hippie Revolt aka Something’s Happening (1967) ****1/2  Told by the freaks themselves, this offers a cornucopia of alternately insightful and incoherent interviews, unkempt and louse-infested love-ins, new age marriages, and an extended strobe dance freakout with psychedelic wall projections.  Worthwhile for anybody interested in the Haight-Ashbury scene.