People Like Us, unlike most of the other movies I saw this summer, is a low-key drama likely to fly by under audience radars, mostly empty of major stars and featuring no lasers, exploding cars, thrown horses (cf. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), or web-slinging, wisecracking, world-saving high school students.  It’s about a man who discovers the half-sister he never knew he had.  Unfortunately for both of them, he can’t bring himself to tell her they’re siblings, which complicates their friendship terribly.  Mostly a big tease, People Like Us nonetheless had me thinking some incest might be in store more than once (once with the guy’s mother, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and throughout the film with the sister).  Alas, this chick flick wimped out on me.  Not at all a bad experience, though, even if it does begin to overstay its welcome.   3.5 of 5 possible stars.

Ideological Content Analysis indicates that People Like Us is:

3. Drug-ambivalent.

2. Mildly anti-state, as the FTC plays an antagonistic role.

1. Pro-single mother/illegitimacy/dysfunction-tolerant.  Everybody’s family is messed up, so it’s okay.