Not a genre of film I usually enjoy, this fantasy outing is still nicely realized for what it is: an atmospheric, visually impressive, and sometimes humorous dose of high escapism.  A few too many fairies and computer-generated monsters for my taste, but the pacing, action, and attractive cast make it an easy piece of pixie dander to swallow.  The dwarves are pretty tough, actually.  I was thinking during the movie, gee, a couple of these dwarves could be midget twins of Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone – and then, when the credits came up, lo and behold, it really was Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone, turned into dwarves by the magic of computerized Hollywood hooliganism!  There’s more quality scary Charlize Theron (cf. Prometheus) to be had here, as well, but this time way over the top and looking gross for much of her screen time, though always exquisitely (if outlandishly) costumed.  To the film’s credit, however, the evil queen character is allowed some human sympathy and emotional vulnerability.  4 swashbuckling stars out of 5 for the big screen experience, though I don’t expect to return to this film very often.

Ideological Content Analysis indicates that Snow White and the Huntsman is:

3. Feminist.  The villain is a woman with self-defeating cosmetic preoccupations (and by implication an unhealthy desire to please men to her own detriment), while the heroine self-actualizes by donning a man’s armor and fighting and killing, thus redeeming this otherwise hateful hunk of Eurocentric sludge.

2. Discriminatory, hiring overgrown actors to portray little people.

1. Racist, promoting the reactionary aesthetic delusion of pale Caucasian beauty, with no beauty of color as counterpoint.